Frozen Cocktail FAQ's:
Frozen Cocktail Machine FAQ 1
Q. What is a slushie cocktail machine?
A. It is a machine that produces a slush of ice and liquid in the form of your favourite cocktail drink.

Frozen Cocktail Machine FAQ 2
Q. Who supplies the cocktail mix that goes into the machine.?
A. We supply 20 litres of your favourite cocktail mix which we place into the machine, when we deliver it to you on your party day.

Frozen Cocktail Machine FAQ 3
Q. Who supplies the alcohol that is placed in the machine?
A. The customer who books the machine places the alcohol in the slushie machine, approx. 700ml per 10 litres of cocktail mix.

Frozen Cocktail Machine FAQ 4
Q. Where do we get the cups and straws?
A. When you hire a cocktail slushie machine, you receive 50 cups and 50 straws for free.

Any more questions please contact us and we will be glad to help